Sarvjeet Kaur Sarvjeet Kaur Sarvjeet Kaur
Sarvjeet Kaur 

Popularly known as "Kokewali", Sarvjeet Kaur's career spans over 40 years. She began her singing career when she was merely 13 years old and was studying in school. Always encouraged by her music teacher, she began to take more interest in music rather than other subjects. Her uncle guided her in the right direction and made her audition for All India Radio, thus starting her professional career. It was a great high for her when she sung for All India Radio for the first time for which she got thirteen rupees. From thereon, started her tryst with music which is still going strong even after 40 years. She did hundreds of stage-shows in India and abroad and made a name for herself apart from lending her voice as a playback to almost 45 Punjabi Films. She sung "Lori " in the film 'Ucha Dar Baba Nanak Da' got her the prestegious Kala Shree Award from Lt. Sh. Raj Kapoor. Her 'Ghori' in 'Mamla Garbar Hai' became an instant hit and is still remembered and sung by old and the young alike. 

Sarvjeet Kaur has never been the one to run after cheap trends, thus never did run-off-the-mill stuff. Her Songs reflect Punjabi Culture with dignity.


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